Religious Representatives


Under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, section 124, the Council is required to have three Religious Representatives to take an active part in the decision making process in relation to education matters.

The current Religious Representatives in Midlothian Council are:


Church of Scotland

To be confirmed 

Roman Catholic Church

Mr Victor Bourne

Third Religious Representative



Appointment of the Third Religious Representative on the Cabinet

Under Section 124 of the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973, where an education authority (ie the Council) appoints a Committee whose purposes include either advising the authority or discharging on the authority’s behalf education matters, then that Committee (currently the Cabinet) must include 3 religious representatives as follows:-

1.     One representative of the Church of Scotland nominated in such manner as may be determined by the General Assembly of the Church;

2.     One representative of the Roman Catholic Church nominated in such manner as may be determined by the Scottish Hierarchy of the Church;

3.     One person (known generally as the “Third Religious Representative”) in the selection of whom the authority shall have regard, taking account of the representation of churches at paragraphs (1) and (2) above, to the comparative strength within their area of all of the churches and denominational bodies having duly constituted churches and other regularly appointed places of worship there.


Any person who wishes to be considered for selection to the appointment of the Third Religious Representative must by 12 noon on Friday 22 June 2018, lodge with the Resources Directorate – Democratic Services Team, Midlothian Council, Midlothian House, Buccleuch Street, Dalkeith EH22 1DN, a written request for such consideration which request must contain that person’s full name and address and a statement by that person as to why he/she regards himself/herself as worthy of selection.   Requests can also be sent by email to –

Any church or denominational body having a duly constituted church or other regularly appointed place of worship within Midlothian and which wishes to nominate a person to be considered for selection must by a specified date lodge with the Resources Directorate, aforesaid, a written request for consideration of such nominee, which request must contained (i) the full name and address of such nominee and a statement by such church or denominational body as to why such nominee is regarded as worthy of selection and; (ii) a note of the number of persons who are members of such church or denominational body and such further information that they wish to provide in relation to itself.

As soon as practicable after the deadline for applications, the Council shall select the Third Religious Representative and shall appoint such person to its Cabinet to serve on it only when education matters are being discussed.  When making its selection, the Council shall consider the written requests and information referred to above.  After the Council has made its appointment, the Director, Resources by advertisement as is deemed appropriate by the Director, Resources, shall give notice of the person appointed, and shall give notice of the person appointed to all persons, churches or denominational bodies who submitted written requests.

At present, the Cabinet meets on a 6 weekly cycle (subject to breaks for the summer recess, Christmas/New Year holidays and school holidays).  The Council decides on its schedule of meetings, usually on a rolling annual basis which is subsequently published.